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Company Overview

Bee Wise started in 2004 in Vanrhynsdorp with a few beehives build from scrap wood. While building up the apiary I continued in the building and maintenance sector and I'm still providing excellent service in both areas. As a new beekeeper and being so far from big centers and in an arid area knowledge on beekeeping had to be obtained from books and experience. In April 2014 I accepted employment as a manager of a big bee-keeping company on the Cape West Coast. Live does not always go as planned. In September 2015 I accepted employment with NWBBBC and started planning the expansion of Bee Wise. In December 2020 Bee Wise had some 170 beehives in production. Over the years Bee Wise has written several newspaper articles, took part in a radio program, and visited several schools educating children on bees.



Bee Wise Projects

Bee Wise has close to 200 hives in the veld.

Bee keepers’ biggest problem is getting safe places to put their hives. Many farmers prefer not to have beekeepers on their farms. Some have had bad experiences and others are afraid of bees, while the worst that has happened was beekeepers stole from the farmers. Bee Wise always contacts the farmer to let him know when we are going to work on the farm. We request the farmer as well to let us know should he see a vehicle at the apiary sites if he was not informed.



Bee Wise Honey

Unprocessed raw honey. No import mixes or irradiation! Pure natural South African Honey.



Bee Wise Pollination Services

Swarms are reared to the standard the customer requires for the specific crop.



Bee Wise Bee Removal

Years of experience and the proper tools ensure that we have a 95% success rate in hiving a removed swarm.

We are committed to conservation.

We strive to work and live with nature.

We, therefore, strive to save as many bee swarms as we can. To cover the cost Bee Wise is forced to charge a fee for the removal. Please take a moment to look at the insert on why the comment of: “but you get the bees” is reward enough for the work done in removal.



Bee Wise Community

We visit schools or businesses for educational talks. Bee Wise constantly works to get new and interesting information on bees. Did you know bees can recognize faces?



Bee Wise Building

Alterations, extensions, and building project managing.



Bee Wise Maintenance

Painting, plumbing, and any other odd jobs in and around the building.


Bee Wise Beekeeping and Bee Wise Building work especially well on the bee removal side. Many of the swarms build nests in buildings. We have a sound knowledge of both sides and can therefore do all-in-one work.

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Bee removal

Bee keeping


Bees Wax

Informational Speeches

Building maintenance

Handy man work

General building work




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